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Renewable generation for the future

Power for People


Energy of Utah is renewable energy developer primarily focused on renewable energy consulting and development of clean renewable energy resources in Intermountain West region.



Our experience includes; land development, environmental site assessment, resource evaluation, transmission and interconnection consulting, government affairs, permitting and construction.





  • SDSun LLC- 20 MW, SD

  • SDSun II LLC- 20 MW, SD

  • Skysol LLC- 55 MW, OR

  • Intermountain Solar Plant LLC- 200 MW, UT

  • Sweetwater Solar LLC- 80 MW, WY

  • Fall River Solar LLC- 80 MW, SD

  • Broadview Solar III LLC- 80 MW with 50 BESS, MT

  • Lincoln Solar LLC- 80 MW, WY

  • Lincoln Solar II LLC- 80 MW with 50 BESS, WY

  • Birch Creek Solar LLC- 80 MW with 50 BESS, UT

  • Birch Creek Solar II LLC- 80 MW with 50 BESS, UT 

  • Broadview Solar LLC- 80 MW with 50 BESS, MT

  • Broadview Solar II LLC- 300 MW with 150 BESS, MT

  • MTSun LLC- 80 MW, MT

  • Meadowlark Solar LLC- 20 MW, MT

  • Sage Solar I LLC- 20 MW, WY

  • Sage Solar II LLC- 20 MW, WY

  • Sage Solar III LLC- 17,5 MW, WY

  • Uinta  LLC- 50 MW- BESS, WY

  • Sheridan Solar LLC- 20 MW, WY

  • Frannie Solar I,II LLC- 29 MW, WY

  • Jefferson Solar LLC-  53 MW, OR

  • Dalreed Solar LLC- 40 MW, OR

  • Pamian Solar LLC-  80 MW, OR

  • Dalreed Solar II LLC- 80 MW, OR

  • Grassland-200 MW-BESS, OR



We are proudly serving the Intermountain West region. Our roots span almost 10 years in development of Clean Generation starting with just over 700 MW of wind development since 2006.

Our solar portfolio is even more robust easily surpassing 1200 MW with some 500+ of BESS with some assets already in full service. 



P.O. Box 900083

Sandy, Utah, 84093


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